Performance program

Vernissage Friday 15.06.2012

Michael Zheng

“For the Record” (2012)
(durational performance during the opening hours of the exhibition)

There are quite a few pieces of records in the former jailhouse where the exhibition takes place that was used as a storage place for criminal records during decades. It has been ordered by the authorities that the records has to ‘remain inside the prison building for one hundred years.”

The artist Michael Zheng is intrigued to hear that the court records were ordered to stay in the prison for 100 years.  His durational performance is a response to that to explore the nature of surveillance and privacy, personal rights and identity.

Yassine Balbzioui _ 20.30

Grosse Tête (2012)
25 min.

Like in many classical fables, Balbzioui’s work often refers to a bestiary. According to him, animals – fish, ducks, ravens, and ostriches – have characteristics and attitudes that are not so far removed from human beings.
For this performance he will add all sort of masks, liquids and objects onto his head untill he transforms himself into a Big Head (Grosse Tête). This piece is a continuation of a piece he recently made for the Dakar Biennale 2012. He researched, while experimenting the system of digital masks created by the spanish collective Demodrama Faces, a performance piece that merges dance, painting and a choreography of virtual masks.

Gabriel Acevedo Velarde _ 21h
Cinema sincopado
25 min.

Parallel to his art production, Peruvian artist Gabriel Acevedo Velarde is developing a musical/cinematic performance project. His interest is to explore the middle ground between cinema narrative, visual art’s static objectuality and the experience of dancing to syncopated rhythms. As a complement to his piece in the exhibition, Acevedo has prepared a performance using the film “Blast of Silence” (Allen Baron, 1961), images of El Lissitzky’s “Raum für konstruktive Kunst” and his own music and animations. More than “non-linearity”, Acevedo’s focus is to use the time-overlapping effect that syncope-based music has as both metaphor and practice.

Sunday 17.06
Anna Anderegg & Hervé Thiot

My approach: My body in space. My body in
restricted space. Testing limits. Looking for
boundries. Pushing my immagination.
Playing with limitation. Breaking
automatisms. Going beyond my
rationalness. Going beyond my bodys’
rationalness. Observing relapses. Not
giving in desires. Taking note of repetition.
Hold on to daydreams. Perceive
experiences. Break them down. Split them
into pieces. Detached from their
environment. Transform them. Rebuild
them. Consider them. Look at them. Pick
the essence. Take it and put it into a very
different space. Now play with it. Exaggerate
it. Minimalize it. Think it. Verbalize it.
Reinterpret it. Colour it. Dance it.

Nathalie Bikoro
We Cannot Do It Without The Rose / You Can Be Fed
approximately 30 mins

A performance articulating the concept of social sculpture through human belief, resistance and forgiveness. We eat the bread being the food of daily life, to make us see our world much clearer, but we cannot do it without the rose designed for dialogue, voice, resistance, peace, a world made for all men. A homage to mothers and families in Gabon and Senegal who’ve lost their beloved ones. Inspired from Beuys and Sophie Scholl.



Finissage Saturday 30.06
Balz Isler

The artist Balz Isler is a thinker, musician, performer and stimulator. In his multimedia installation performances he shows, overrides and translates digital data in form of video, photography, sound, clips and text in “real-time” (Paul Virilio). From private and public archives and online portals he collects his initial material according to subjective and informal criteria. These visual and acoustic fragments are rearranged to form new relations through strategies of assembly, repetition and projection. With application of voice and its digital Replica, Balz Isler communicates personal thoughts about the “world behind the world” embedded in the images. His artistic work entangles the physical and subjective experience with the flood of digital images in abstract ideas, which implicate an endlessness of subjective perception, experience and navigation. (Text: Ulrike Gerhardt / Signe Koefoed)


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